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How To Clean Your Kitchen Cabinets

Cleaning your cabinets can be a quick, easy task or it can take hours depending on how long it’s been since the last time you cleaned them.

The problem is that grease, food particles, smoke and anything else circulating through the air in our kitchen, will stick to our cabinets making them grimy. Since the main culprit is grease, you’ll want to clean your cabinets with products that cut grease but don’t create any additional buildup to make them feel gummy. It’s for this reason that mild dishwashing liquids make excellent cabinet cleaning products. A mild laundry detergent, especially one touted for cutting grease and oil, also works well for this task.

Dilute one part soap in two parts warm water and clean the cabinets using a sponge or green scrubbing pad. Don’t use steel wool, scrub brushes or any other item that can scratch the wood. When cleaning cabinets, pay particular attention to the area around cabinet door handles and drawer pulls, these places tend to be the stickiest. In fact, removing cabinet hardware before cleaning will make it easier to clean around these areas.

You can also use an all-purpose household cleaner in the same manner. If you will be going this route, it would be in your best interest to read the label carefully to be sure it won’t ruin the finish. Even so, it would be a good idea to also test the product on a hidden area of one of the cabinets to be on the safe side. If you’ll be using a harsher detergent or chemical, be sure to empty the cabinets first.

If you’re interested in a more natural remedy, you have several options. Vinegar, that wonderful all-purpose natural cleaner will clean and remove cabinet buildup. If the cabinets just need a regular cleaning, a solution of half vinegar and half water should do the trick. For more stubborn dirt and buildup, try straight vinegar. A paste made of baking soda and water makes a formidable scrub and helps remove a lot of the grime. Even club soda and lemon juice can be applied.

If your wood cabinets are very difficult to clean, you can try paint remover. You must take many precautions, however. Since you’ll be working in the kitchen, you must make sure there are no open flames or sources of heat nearby. You’ll also want to open the windows and wear gloves and a respirator mask. In addition, this is one situation where you must test the product on a hidden area first, or risk damage to your cabinets.

If you’re so inclined, you can give your cabinets a shine by buffing them with a furniture wax suitable for your particular finish.

Once your cabinets are cleaned, be sure to give them a periodic wipe down. The last thing you want is to go through all this again.

If you don’t have time to clean your cabinets I’ll clean them for you. Call today to request a FREE estimate!

Frank Osorio
Dixon Illinois



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