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No Need To Spend Money On New Kitchen Cabinets, I’ll Re-Stain Your Old Ones And Make Them Look New Again! February 16, 2010

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I’m Frank Osorio from Dixon Illinois. I re-stain kitchen cabinets to make them look like new again! I’m the owner “Kitchen Cabinets Re-staining Service.” No need to spend a lot of money for new cabinets when all they need is to be re -stained.

What shape are your cabinets in? Maybe they don’t need to be replaced yet but could use some TLC or just need a good washing then I can help you. Having your cabinets re-stained will save you plenty of money plus bring beauty back to your kitchen!

Here’s a sample of my work:

Cabinets in need of re-staining. See how the old stain is very faded towards the bottom.

Here’s the same cabinets after re-staining them.

I run my business in Dixon Illinois, I’ll work on your cabinets if you’re in a 35 miles radius from Dixon Illinois. I also  re-stain just about anything that’s made from wood, chairs, stools, small tables, wooden islands, wooden picture frames etc.

If the thought of  having your cabinets re-stained intimidates you, don’t let it. I cover all appliances with plastic sheets for protection. The products I use are all by MinWax, they produce very low odor products meant just for homes. I never use industrial strength products, that have a very strong odor.

What’s all included in my service?

Cover all appliances to protect from sanding dust.

-Wash all doors inside and out. 

-Wash all sliding drawers and all facials and sides.

-Sand down all surfaces to be re-stained.

-Vacuum all surfaces and your floor.

-Rinse all cabinets.

-Apply 1-3 coats of stain.

-Wait 15 minutes rub in stain, this step gets repeated 2 -3 times depending on how dark you want the stain to look.

-Let stain dry for 12 hours.

-Apply one coat of “Fast Dry Polyurethane.”

There’s no need to waste your money on new doors and drawers if your cabinets are still in good shape. Just one small door can cost as much as $24.00, imagine how much it would cost to replace them all, ouch!

I don’t have no employees, I don’t have materials and parts that need to be replaced constently and I work out from my home.  That’s why my prices are very very affordable. Call me today for a free estimate, I’ll make your kitchen cabinets look like new!

Kitchen Cabinets Re-Staining Service serves the Rock River area only. I’m in Dixon Illinois and will do business within a 35 miles radius. I’ll re-stain your kitchen cabinets in these towns: Rock Falls, Sterling, Oregon,Walnut, Dixon and Amboy and Polo.

You can reach me at:

Frank Osorio-Owner 

Dixon Illinois                                                                                                      
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